In 1957, the golf course architects Rafael Sundblom and Nils Sköld convinced the chairman of Gotlandsbolaget to buy the property on Kronholmen where Visby Golf Club is located today. They knew that this scenic piece of nature between Tofta and Västergarn would be perfect for golf.


A paddock becomes a golf course

In 1957 the chairman of the ferry company Gotlandsbolaget’s board, bank director Malte Wiman, worked intensively to find a suitable area for a golf course. A golf course would undoubtedly benefit tourism and boat travel to Gotland. They chose Kronholmen, the beautiful area of 150 acres that had been used as a lambing paddock. The purchase price was SEK 70,000 and the seller was Robert Appelgren.


The club is founded

At the club’s formation, on October 2, 1958, Visby GK had an almost game-ready nine-hole course. The course was 3090 meters long and was described as extraordinarily beautifully located and excellently planned. Cost for construction: SEK 130,000. Course architects: Nils Sköld and Rafael Sundblom. Membership fee: SEK 150 / year.


From 9 to 18 holes

On October 29, 1964, bank manager Gunnar Hörnfeldt announces that both Klintehamn and Stenkumla municipality have granted Visby Golf Club a grant of SEK 15,000 each. The corresponding amount was received as a government grant. The money was invested in nine new holes. The expansion began on December 1 of the same year and in the autumn of 1966, the new eighteen-hole course was finished.


Douglas Brasier makes his entrance

In the autumn of 1968, Visby Golf Club contacts the British player, instructor, and course architect Douglas Brasier. Mr. Brasier is very impressed by Kronholmen and makes a proposal on how the course can be developed into a championship course. His proposal also forms the basis for further development work.


Another 9 holes

Before the annual meeting in 1988, there were plans for nine more holes. But after a lot of debate, it took 2 more years, until the 1990 annual meeting that the decision could be made, with 68 votes against 42. The last weekend in August 1992, it was finally inauguration of the nine new holes. On the current hole 8 on the nine-hole loop, you can read more about Kronholmskoggen – which was discovered during construction.


50th anniversary with a new course

Around the turn of the millennium, the greens got worse and worse. A new management program was started, but the desired effect did not materialize. In 2006, the board made a decisive decision to renovate all 27 greens and green areas just in time for the club’s 50th anniversary. The professional golf player Pierre Fulke was hired as an expert and architect. The rebuilt course was completed in 2008 and received very high reviews from members and visiting guests such as Kenta “Mr. Magic” Nilsson, Tomas Brolin, Christer Ulfbåge, Peppe Eng, and others.


The journey to number 1

In June 2020, Visby Golf Club was named Sweden’s best golf course according to the magazine Svensk Golf.