Visby Golf Club


A unique golf course on the Swedish island of Gotland.

It wasn’t our ambition to be the number 1 golf course in Sweden. It was the result of everything we’ve done since 1958.

If anything it was a result of what the nature has given us for millions of years – an astonishing piece of nature to experience and to play golf at. Together we fought with and against the forces of nature that can sometimes be as challenging as the game itself.

The golf architect Nils Sköld layed out the foundation in the 50s. In the late 2000s the professional golf players Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednickson thoroughly refined the 18 hole main course. Today it is ranked as the number 1 golf course in Sweden.

It was never our vision to be number 1. But it is a symbol. A symbol of all the hard work and commitment that has been put into every day for decades. And together we will tirelessly continue to work to get even a little better. Our journey is not over – it has just begun.

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