Kronholmen Restaurant & Bar

The food. The soul. The sky. The sea.

There are restaurants necessary to revisit time and again. Places where you always feel welcome. Places that have warmth and a friendly atmosphere. Restaurants that, quite simply, have very good and well-cooked food with breathtaking views.

Kronholmen Restaurang & Bar is such a restaurant.

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Restaurant in clubhouseReturning spring 2024
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The conference. The party. The event.

Shall we have a pre-drink? Any snacks when everyone arrives? Do you have whiteboards? Are we going to take a sauna before the putting tournament? Can we have coffee at three? The buffet is good, right? Or a three-course meal? Vegetarian maybe? We can put everything up outdoors, right? Is lunch included? Shall we take the cocktail inside the old clubhouse? The sound system here should be enough, right? What will the weather be like at the end of July?

Check everything about events, parties and conferences with us – We know how to throw one!

The best food,
in the best restaurant,
in the best environment.

In the basement of Restaurant Donners Brunn in Visby, my love for the culinary profession and the restaurant industry was born. After that I worked in classic, French and Italian cuisine both in Visby, the Caribbean and Stockholm before I landed on Kronholmen.

Kronholmen Restaurant and Bar wants to give you an experience with a unique view and a good well-cooked meal with Gotland ingredients.


Per Ramström
Chef Kronholmen Restaurant & Bar
Phone:+4670 573 97 65

Kronholmen Restaurang & Bar
c / o Kronholmen Golf AB
Västergarn Kronholmen 415
622 30 Gotlands Tofta
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+46 498 200937