The Courses

The One

The 18-hole course, designed by Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednickson, holds a high European class and is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The magazine Svensk Golf ranks Visby Golfklubb as number one in Sweden. Golf Digest ranks Visby Golf Club as third in the Nordic region. Our ambition is to deliver an exceptional experience beyond the ordinary, regardless of whether you are a member of the club or a guest for a day.

  • Course architects: Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednickson
  • Par 72, 6,300 meters from backtee
  • Built in 1966, rebuilt 2009
  • Course record: Jesper Billing 64 strokes (2014), Elin Andersson 68 strokes (2010)
  • 6 tees

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The Next One

The 9-hole course is also designed by team Fulke / Mednickson. The course is usually open with regular tees and greens all year round with the exception of snow or frost. A really good and challenging golf course where it is usually easier to get a start time. Children, junior players, and beginners who take courses at Visby GK are also welcome to play on the 9-hole course.

  • Course architects: Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednickson
  • Par 36
  • Built in 1966, rebuilt 2009
  • 5 tees
  • The course is usually open with regular tees and greens all year round with exception for snow or frost.
  • Also open to beginners in connection with the class
  • Course record: Rebecca Brink 36 (2023), Peter Barås 34 (2023)

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Top ranked

2020 # 1 in Sweden (Swedish Golf)
2018 # 2 in Sweden, # 3 in the Nordics (Golf Digest)
2017 # 2 in Sweden (Golf Digest)
2016 # 3 in Sweden, # 5 in the Nordics (Golf Digest)
2014 Top 100 golf courses of the world – # 25 in Europe
2014 The Rolex Worlds Top 1000 Golf Courses
2012, 2013 # 2 in Sweden (Golf Digest)

“Few places in the world, including golf courses, have the same effect on me as Visby Golfklubb and Kronholmen.”

It has been and is a great honour for me to transform and manage this historic golf course. I will never forget that day in 2005, when Adam Mednickson and I visited the club for the first time. The wind was blowing from the north. It was three plus degrees in the air. But we could do nothing but agree with Douglas Brasier, who was hired forty years earlier to develop the course: I would truly say that you have wonderful opportunities to make a remarkably good golf course, or courses, at Kronholmen. The area, rich in history as well as flora and bird life, is truly unique. The absolute proximity to the sea, which is visible from all holes, gives the game and the experience another dimension. At Visby Golf Club, we have created 27 holes in a new shape, with retained soul and character and with the feeling of constantly wanting to return. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ”

– Pierre Fulke

For us, it’s always golf season

To be able to work on such a unique course as Visby Golf Club is fantastic. Every day, my employees and I strive to deliver and set up the best course we can, based on weather, wind, and other circumstances. I and the team who work here love the game of golf and the place Kronholmen. In dialogue with Pierre Fulke, we nurture and develop the course all year round. We work a lot with details – often by hand and with smaller machines – inspired by the British golf culture where fantastic green surfaces are presented with small means. We simply do our utmost to get that little extra, which enhances your gaming and nature experience.

Much pleasure!

Petter Lindblad, Head Greenkeeper
Phone: +4670 7133435