The secret is that we will never be satisfied, or sit back.
— PETTER, HEAD Greenkeeper

Watch the video and catch the feeling. Visby Golf Club from above.

18 holes

Our 18-hole course, redesigned by Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednick in 2009, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. In Golf Digest's latest ranking, we ended up in third place of all courses in Sweden. Our ambition is to deliver a golf experience beyond the ordinary, both on and off the course. Welcome!

  • Course design: Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednick

  • Par 72, 6.300 mtrs from backtee

  • Opening year: 1966, redesigned 2009

  • Course record: Jesper Billing (Men's), 64, Elin Andersson (Ladies), 68

  • 6 tees

  • Seaside/links

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9 holes

Even our full length 9-hole course is designed by Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednick. A beautiful and challenging course with large, undulating greens and generous bunkers. The course is open year round, as long as there is no snow and frost on the greens and tees.

  • Design: Pierre Fulke and Adam Mednick

  • Par 36

  • Opening year: 1966, redesigned 2009

  • 5 tees

  • Open all year round

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Course ranking

  • 2012, 2013 2nd best in Sweden (Golf Digest)

  • 2014 The Rolex World´s Top 1000 Golf Courses

  • 2014 Top 100 golfcourses of the world - 25th in Europe

  • 2016 3rd best in Sweden, 5th in the Nordic countries (Golf Digest)

  • 2017 2nd best in Sweden (Golf Digest)


Guests are welcome to play at anytime!

Pierre Fulke, Course designer:

"Few places, or golf courses, attracts me as much as Visby Golf Club and Kronholmen. It is a great privilege for me to transform and manage this historic golf land. I will never forget that day in late 2005, when I and Adam Mednick visited the club for the first time. Northely winds. Three degrees Celsius. But we were literally blown away by the beauty and the course's potential. To quote Mr Douglas Brasier, former course-designer: I would truly say that you have wonderful opportunities to make an excellent golf course at Kronholmen. No one could agree more. The rich flora and birdlife is truly unique. The constant presence of the Baltic Sea, swaying grass and windswept pines create a relaxed atmosphere and a golf experience beyond the ordinary. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!"

Pierre Fulke, Course Designer at Visby Golf Club, former Ryder Cup and European Tour Player

The course is like a baby to me

It is a pleasure and a great challenge to be responsible for the team that will maintain and develop one of Sweden's best courses. Every day we strive to deliver and set up the ultimate course, based on weather conditions and other circumstances. We work with many small details and draw inspiration and knowledge from the most well-maintained courses in the UK. We simply do our very best to ensure that your experience of Kronholmen and Visby Golf Club will meet your highest expectations.

Have a nice day!/Petter, Head Greenkeeper

Phone: +46 (0) 498-20 09 34