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The restaurant at Visby Golf Club always offers "todays special" as well as à la Carte menu of delicious favorites. Make yourself comfortable on the terrace, before or after a round of golf, and enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks and breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and the famous islands of the Great and Small Karlsö.

Welcome to Golfkrogen

My name is Eric Arneson and I have been the Restaurangchef here at Kronholmen since April 2014. I am originally from California where I worked for many years in Golf and Country Clubs. After moving to Portland Oregon I continued to work at a local club and this is where I was introduced to my future Swedish wife. We opened a small hotel and catering business in the Oregon wine country. In 2005 while visiting my wife's family in Sweden I took my first trip to Gotland. When first seeing Visby and the Island I was struck with how wonderful and beautiful everything was . From that time I knew I would return and the rest you can say is history... It is my pleasure and I am very happy to be part of the team here at Visby Golfklubb and hope to be for years to come.

Enjoy! / Eric

Phone: +46 (0) 498-20 09 37

Fusion in the kitchen

I was born and raised on Gotland, but my 23 years as a chef and restaurant owner in Portugal have had great influence on my cooking. I love the southern European cuisine, with fresh vegetables, garlic, olive oil, fish and seafood. But I'm also very fond of the Swedish cuisine, and our so called "Husmanskost". And of course - having a restaurant manager from the US - there will also be tasty sandwiches on the menu - everything from pulled pork to salmon and vegetarian. We are focusing on locally produced ingredients and food prepared with love and care. - it is simply tastes the best that way. Welcome, and enjoy your meal!

Have a nice meal / Jonas

Telefon: 0498-20 09 37