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several of the best hotels on gotland are partners to visby golf club.

Stay in the Lighthouse next to hole no 1 or combine your golf with a cultural and culinary experience in the World Heritage town of Visby. By car, shuttle or taxi it takes no more than 20 minutes to the golfcourse from the heart of Visby. Our hotel partners:

Other recommended hotels, outside Visby

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by ferry

Book our fast and comfortable ferrys to Visby from Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn or Västervik. On our website you can also book hotels, country cottages, seaside camping, family activities and much more. We take you to and from the beautiful island of Gotland in three hours.


by plane

BRA is in the unique position of providing services to destinations all over Sweden. Bromma in Stockholm has been our hub for many years and is an integral part of our business concept to save travellers' time. We fly you to and from Gotland in less than 40 minutes.

custom FITTING

If you are a group of 8 people or more and want a customized golf package, don't hesitate to call or send an e-mail directly to us at Visby Golf Club. We cooperate with many of the best hotels on the island as well as with the airline BRA and the ferry company Destination Gotland.  Furthermore, we are well acquainted with the island and all its attractions, restaurants and favorite places. For more information call +46-498-20 09 30 or send us an e-mail: